About Us


On December 30, 1936, twenty local businessmen convened to begin what is now known as Dearborn Federal Savings Bank.

The original mission of the Bank was depicted in a message printed on all new loan documents at that time, and it was titled “The Dearborn Way to Thrift and Home Ownership”.

It stated the Bank would gather and safeguard deposits from “the savers” of the community, and in turn, make loans available to local residents to be able to enjoy home ownership, and to provide a way to achieve a debt-free home for all homeowners.

Not surprisingly, 85 years later, the basic tenets of the Bank’s mission remain unchanged. Dearborn Federal Savings Bank is still a community bank in the truest sense of the term. The Bank is focused on honesty, integrity, exceptional customer service, and reliable community support. The Bank gathers deposits from local residents and business owners, and provides mortgage financing to local homeowners and local businesses.

Organized under the “mutual” form of governance, the pressure to manage stock prices has been replaced with the never-ending desire to provide the necessary services to new and existing customers. Developing long-term relationships by offering long-term financing, providing affordable financial products and services, and creating a rock-solid and highly-capitalized financial institution have been some of the primary reasons for its success.

Sustaining the vitality of the communities served by the Bank is critical to everyone’s success. The Board of Directors and all dedicated employees share the same vision and commitment to providing affordable financial products and services, in a safe and sound manner, all delivered with an unmatched level of ethics and integrity.